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You Need Rapid & Cost-Effective Billing Services

NEMT is a rapidly growing industry, that serves millions of people to get access to health care facilities through transportation. Billing remains a concern that needs to be sought out as quickly as possible.

Swift clearance and reimbursements of every bill is the ultimate goal of all the stakeholders involved in the process. We help NEMT transportation companies to save their precious time and effort spent on calculating bills by taking this responsibility by ourselves. We ensure the smooth run of your business process by taking out all the obstacles involved in this process.

How We Process NEMT Billing for our Clients?

Data Collection

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Data Processing

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Consumer Markets

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Billing & Submission

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About Us

NEMT Billing Services is working with a focus to increase the transparency and reimbursement of payments for NEMT Billing. We have a team of billing experts that will take care of processing your billing, calculation, and payments for non-emergency transportation trips.

NEMT billing is a complex task that requires dedicated focus to accurately calculate the payments to be made. From the collection of driver signatures to verifying trip verification, checking denials, rejections and discrepancies to speed up the reimbursement process. We take care of all these billing issues with special attention to every small detail linked with them.

Get virtual assistance and 24/7 support to resolve your NEMT billing issues irrespective of your location and time zone. We manually calculate, compare and carry out all the paperwork involved in the process of clearing your non-emergency transportation billing and payments. We do billing for every non-emergency transportation broker such as Logisticare, MTM, Modivcare, Access2Care and many more.

We ensure accurate and in-time calculation of clearing your payments without disturbing your workflow at all. Get peace of mind and more freedom to focus on your core business as we will take care of every billing.

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Andi Lane
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