Camp One More Day

Welcome to Camp One More Day

As English author John Bunyan once said, “You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

We are a company that started because we’d been to camp, fell in love with the summer camp experience and wanted to provider best possible opportunities to Under-Privileged Communities.  The aim of Camp One More Day is to offer the incredible summer camp experience with the highest level of customer service.

Over a decade later we still stand strong to serve those who deserves best, we are so passionate about helping so many people have their dream summer at a camp in North Carolina, which is an experience you can only describe once you’ve been.

Don’t spend your summer at home. Life is to explore and learn for better future.

Long live adventure!

It is a tradition for American kids to spend their summers at camp and it is now very much part of their culture, but we are looking forward to serving Under- Privileged Communities. By working on a camp, you not only get hands on, but more importantly you get to become part of it! This opportunity gives your kids the perfect amount of time to explore their talent and enjoy all the fun, excitement, and adventure.

CAMP ONE MORE DAY strives to keep your child on task; by encouraging continuing learning experiences, through fun academic workshops and classroom activities. We understand the important of retention of skill levels during the summer vacation.

Our goal is to get your child moving and encourage them to keep on the move throughout the course of our camp. Depending on the location of the camp and the facilities available we give campers the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports and athletic activities, enrichment activities and various motivational speakers.

Activities your child will be engaged in are:

Sports encourage our children to work together, providing valuable life lesson as well as setting healthy exercise habits.

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