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WFC is a premier fencing, construction, and handyman provider for clients across the Metro New Orleans and Atlanta communities. We rise to the challenges of our diverse property enhancement portfolio, bringing added value to each property we service. WFC offers substantial construction experience, competitive pricing, integrity, and a commitment to your project supported by a foundation of high-rated customer reviews.  

We realize that choosing a contractor is a big decision, and we take your trust seriously. With our after-service guarantee, you relax, knowing that your property is in the right hands. 

 “If you are thinking of a new fence or property improvement, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you.”
Ahmad J. Washington, Jr., Owner 

Our Signature Services

Washington Fencing and Construction LLC (WFC) increases the security and usability of your home and business. We’re dedicated to ensuring your property is comfortable and safe.  Our high-quality workmanship takes you to the next level of satisfaction through our diversified services.

You can count on us for:

Fences & Gates: Wood, Vinyl/PVC, Chain Link, Rod Iron


Plus, our Handyman Advantage: No Job is Too Small

So, isn't it time you do something to improve your home?

About Us
Washington Fencing and Construction LLC (WFC) is a family-owned and operated property improvement contractor that values the safety, security, and comfort of family and community businesses. Whether you want to install a new fence, repair the old one, or need other property enhancements, we have you covered.   “Our team is more than family here at WFC. They are at the center of how we maintain our personal connection to each of your projects.” 

-Ahmad J. Washington, Jr 

Client Relations, Design Consultant, and Owner 

Washington Fencing & Construction LLC 

The customer-centric approach of the Washington Fencing & Construction LLC makes us distinguished in the market. Customer consideration and satisfaction are our topmost priority, complete with after-sale services. To us, a project is incomplete until and unless the customer is satisfied. We have an ever-growing pool of satisfied clients, now regular customers. And we are prepared to serve you. We also provide free consultations and financing on approved credit, so you can get what you need when you need it.

Popular Packages


Prepare for summer by cleaning and prepping your deck and backyard. Winter and the elements can be tough on your deck, patio, pools, roof, driveway, and fence. An outdoor tune-up will improve the aesthetics of your home’s exterior and decrease the chance of having costlier, larger projects down the road. For instance, pressure washing your roof leads to: 

  • Longer roof life 
  • Protection from roof infestation 
  • Energy savings 
  • Locating hidden issues 

A roof is one of the most essential property features. It is vital to have a professional pressure wash it. Pressure washing your roof can help prevent so many issues. You can trust the Washington Fencing and Construction LLC experts to get the job done right.

Our trained professionals will power wash your exterior surfaces, fix broken fences, etc. 


Schedule a full-day package today! Check off your to-do list by bundling several projects into a full day’s work. This package is perfect for simple home upgrades or that to-do list you’ve meant to finish but haven’t. You can expect easy and convenient scheduling, on-time arrival, and multi-skilled craftsmen who are insured. Enjoy your time. Let us help you perfect your property today! 

The Washington Fencing and Construction (WFC) LLC Difference

The WFC’s commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors time and time again. 

 Our experienced management works with WFC clients to plan and implement the property enhancement projects of their dreams. Our dedicated professionals ensure that each is completed with precision and care. 

 To further enhance your WFC experience, we provide a wide range of payment methods. We are a PayPal-Supported Small Business, so you can make payments conveniently and confidently. Our diversified, flexible payment options include an array of credit cards, including but not limited to Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. We even offer financing. But we do not share or sell your personal information to third parties.  

 We graciously offer a one-year after installation warranty, where no labor fee is charged for covered repairs. You can expect to schedule our fast and reliable services within 24 hours of receiving the required deposit. 

 Security and improvements done right. 

WFC has provided beautiful fences and superb customer service to residents and businesses of Metro New Orleans, Metro Atlanta, and surrounding areas for over a decade. Request your free consultation today and become our next satisfied customer! 

Our Mission

Empower our neighbors and neighboring businesses to fulfill their property-related dreams and live a safe, secure, and peaceful life. 


We care about your satisfaction, and we are dedicated to making sure you get what you want.


We've been providing quality fence, construction, and property improvement services for over a decade, working with families and commercial properties alike.


We guarantee that our work will be timely, reasonably priced, and exceptional. And we strive for excellence after completion with our one-year workmanship warranty.

Our Story

Ahmad J. Washington, Jr., Owner, is an eleven-year veteran in the fence and construction industry and a second-generation expert in the trade. Ahmad expressed interest in this work as a child. He shadowed his grandfather, his mentor, until he became an employee, then partner. In the spirit of his grandfather, Ahmad is now a professional legacy of whom his grandfather was proud until his passing in late 2021.  

Ahmad, a husband, and father, structured WFC to share his expertise and ensure the average family and small business can professionally secure, improve, and maintain their property instead of simply dreaming about it. As a PayPal-approved small business owner, Ahmad stands behind WFC’s work with the most courteous management, including WFC’s quality workmanship guarantee, the best value for the quality, and abundant payment options, including PayPal financing. 

Go ahead. Dream beyond fences. WFC offers so much more. See the Snapshot of Services. If you need something else, just ask. Also, ask about our handyman maintenance and handyman advantage. 

When you choose us to care for your property, you can expect trustworthy technicians and reliable service that gives you the best value. 

Looking for a family-oriented fence and property enhancement service company in the ATL or NOLA? Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today to get your free consultation and let us make your dream project a reality. Once we connect, you can exhale.  

Excellence has been our hallmark at All Pro Air since 2012. 

“You Dream It, We Build It .” 

Ahmad J. Washington, Jr. 

Thanks for stopping by!  

Contact us today to schedule your consultation.  

What We Offer

Wood Fence (Install/Repair) by WFC

Wood Fence is available in 4-, 6-, and 8-feet height variations. The prices vary with the selection of available wood options, i.e., Cedar or Pressure Treated 

Vinyl/PVC Fence (Install/Repair) by WFC

Vinyl Fence is the most durable and reliable fence option for your home, as this is the low maintenance fence option. Available options under this category include Picket, Rail, and Pool Fence. installation warranty, where no labor fee is charged for the repair. 

Chain Link Fence (Install/Repair) by WFC

Chain Link Fence is used for commercial as well as residential properties. These fences are usually installed to mark the boundaries of the property. To enhance its privacy feature, we use galvanized wire in black color for this fence. 

Rod Iron Fence (Install/Repair) by WFC

This fence consists of vertical and horizontal bars made of wrought iron. This is the most solid & secure option for your properties. 

Furniture Assembly by WFC

Washington Fencing & Construction LLC also offers furniture assembling services at your premises. We are quick and reliable in this regard and start work within 1-hour of our arrival at your location if all required components are present. Furniture assembly services include Shelves, Tables, Beds, Bookshelves, dressers, desks, or sofas. 


We also provide services for the counterpart of all our development activities, i.e., demolition of old fences, sheds, structures, etc. We start working within 1-hour of our arrival at your location, considering the initial deposit has been submitted.

Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation is a tedious job. We offer this installation for those customers who cannot do it on their own. A flat-rate service fee is charged. 

Exterior Paint

We provide quality exterior paint services for residential as well as commercial properties. 

Pressure Washing (Exterior Surfaces) beef

Pressure washing is a service that helps remove paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from the surfaces. Highpressure water is sprayed through specific machines to wash the said surfaces.  

Construction Services by WFC

Washington Fencing & Construction LLC also offers the following construction services as a complementary part of our other services: 

  • Repair Concrete Foundations 
  • Install brick/stone driveway or floor 
  • Install, spread, or scrape gravel or loose fill paving 
  • Custom construction needs 


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Familyowned company specializing in fencing and other construction needs. We help people add value to their property and enhance security for their families and businesses. Call, text, or email WFC for your free consultation. 


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