The Best Sod Installation Company in Port St Lucie

If you’re starting with a clean slate an all-new home or want to make improvements to your home sod is the ideal option to create a brand new lawn. Here at Florida Landscaping Company, our skilled team will ensure that your sod project is completed correctly. Start with site preparation which could involve the removal of the lawn or outdated landscaping the grading of areas with the black soil with a suitable slope to permit sufficient drainage and, lastly, the correct installation method to ensure that your sod starts to grow roots into the soil and develops to its fullest potential. This, along with regular fertilization and watering will provide your yard a stunning appearance for years to be. We specialize in the installation of sod for newly built homes that require landscaping for the foundation as well as final landscaping, grading, irrigation and sod, as well as complete landscaping remodeling.

Benefits To Sod Vs Grass Seed or Hydroseeding

  • Instant green lawn
  • Sod will grow faster than seeds.
  • It helps prevent erosion when it is installed correctly
  • It is possible to install it during the growing season.
  • Sod will beat weeds when they are trying to get in
  • When sod has begun to take root it is ready to be used for normal lawn use


If you’ve just bought the land and a brand new home is in construction and you’re looking to have grass to be established or to refresh your existing lawn, the experts from Florida Landscaping Company are the most trusted experts for sod installation throughout the North Metro.

We also provide financing for sod projects!

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