Your Local Planting Experts

A property located in Florida provides you with the chance to take in the color of the seasons. Even during our rainy and humid summers, the options of plants to choose for your landscaping are virtually limitless. It is a lengthy job that requires knowledge about different kinds of plants, shrubs, and perennials, along with methods of planting and techniques to ensure the best possible plant environment. Our plant specialists are at Florida Landscaping Company are happy to help you select the right varieties to flourish on your property.

The planting of trees and plants may appear to be a straightforward job, but it could be quite a hassle. As with all aspects of your landscaping the planting of plants, trees and shrubs can be a long-term investment. Many plants and trees suffer or die following planting due to poor installation, maintenance, or inadequate irrigation. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right planter’s spot on your property for the particular plant and tree varieties you choose.

If you’ve just bought an apartment and require trees planted, or are renovating your current landscape and replacing plants with new ones Our team’s knowledge built on years of education and experience will ensure that your newly planted plants, trees, and perennials will achieve their full potential!

We provide financing for planting projects!

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